Why do not join the personalized telephone attention and the mailing administration in only one plan? It is looking to attend this demand that A&F Virtual Office offers the EXECUTIVE plan.

If you are a liberal professional or has a company that does not need of a physical structure, or further if you work involves to attend customers and being hours in meeting, you know what is the risk to do not receive an important message or a correspondence sent to your company.

Differences of the EXECUTIVE plan

With the EXECUTIVE plan you have at disposal all services of the Virtual PHONE plan and further receives and administers your mails in only one place.

Ideal for liberal professionals and entrepreneurs who did not need of a physical structure, but need a support ad telephone reception administration, administrate their mails, through a better credibility of your company, before your customers, through a commercial address.

In the EXECUTIVE plan it will be included the services:

  • Bilingual receptionist with personalized attention
  • Immediate notice of messages received through e-mail
  • Mailing administration
  • EXCLUSIVE telephone number for your company
  • Redirection of telephone calls to your number (charged)
  • Answer machine, with access 24 hours
  • Local fax number
  • Meeting, audio and video conference rooms with diversified values for associated (pay per use/pre paid)
  • Commercial address in Atibaia
  • Administrative Support Service through our Business Center (pay per use)
  • Access to cyber coffee

If you are looking for these services and also the fiscal address service, knew our  FULL PLAN.

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