The Virtual PHONE plan offers much more than personalized phone service in Atibaia. In it, you have a unique phone number for your business (not a regular one, shared with other customers). The service is personalized, through bilingual receptionists and more: you also have the service of voice mail with access 24 hours, in addition to discounts in meeting rooms, audio and video conferencing.

Differentials of the Virtual PHONE plan

The objective of this plan is to provide companies and / or professionals working in Atibaia and region with peace of mind with the management of telephone calls directed to you or your company. At the same time, the goal is to offer them all the autonomy, access and science on the messages addressed to you or your company.

The Virtual PHONE plan includes:

  • Bilingual receptionist with personalized service
    Immediate notification of errands via email
    Unique phone number for your business
    Redirecting calls to your number (charged)
    Voice Mail, with 24 hour access
    Local Fax Number
    Meeting rooms, audio and video conferencing with differentiated values for members (pay per use / prepaid)
    Administrative support services through our Business Center (pay per use)
    Access to Cyber Café
    Why rely on personalized phone service in Atibaia

Virtual desk services and personalized phone service can be important to your business, especially if you do not have a fixed work location or a business address that has this service.

The Virtual PHONE plan takes care of all calls directed to your EXCLUSIVE phone number, allowing professionals who do not have a physical structure, who work home office or simply spend most of their routines visiting clients and / or are constantly in meetings, Focus your efforts where it really matters, that is, in your business.

The plan is also indicated for professionals who want, in addition to the management of their calls, to transmit to their customers greater credibility using a fixed telephone number, with personalized attention during business hours.

If in addition to the personalized telephone answering service you also look for a business address in Atibaia, know our Virtual EXECUTIVE plan. It will suit you perfectly.

We are prepared to offer the best services and structure in any of these cases. Contact us or schedule a visit to know the plan and our space in more detail.

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