A&F brings differentiated coworking environment in Atibaia


To give up one’s own space does not mean leaving aside the professionalism and consistency of the business. Coworking emerges as an alternative that combines practicality, convenience and flexibility with low cost, since it dispenses with conventional bureaucracies in the market and offers an environment conducive to networking for immediate start. In practical terms, this means that professionals from different areas work in a shared environment, choosing to use part-time or full-time workstations. For those handling a dynamic and accurate agenda of coworking service in Atibaia, you will find in A&F a modern and differentiated alternative.


Technology and networking

Besides the advantages of eliminating the need for investments and contributing to increase productivity, coworking enables networking, bringing together professionals from different areas and activities in a corporate environment. The model is ideal for startups, freelancers and liberal professionals who wish to professionalize their performance or escape from domestic interruptions. Coworking in Atibaia is a practical and affordable option, which has gained more and more fans because of its proven effectiveness. A&F’ plans* include:


  • Part-time (rotary) workstation or full-time workstation (fixed)
  • Meeting room hours
  • Business address with correspondence management
  • High-performance Internet
  • Access to Reception, Lounge and Cyber Café
  • Other Options:
  • Personalized phone service via EXCLUSIVE phone number with message forwarding via email or redirecting incoming calls to your cell phone (*)
  • Fiscal address
  • Lockers

* consult the conditions of each plan


In addition to the comfort and amazing visual – trademarks – A&F still offers cutting-edge technology, which not only facilitates the professional’s performance but also enhances their activities. An example is the phone application that guarantees you mobility to make or receive your calls, directly through your cell phone or tablet.


Is Coworking in Atibaia worth it?

Yes! The city has been increasingly open to the flexible work model in a shared environment, which means steady growth of opportunities for startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. The reduced distance between addresses also favors professionals who have the dynamic agenda as a starting point. In these cases, coworking becomes a supportive environment, perfect for holding important meetings, strategic phone calls, videoconferences and the development of punctual projects. Get to know A&F’s coworking plans in Atibaia and contribute to the growth of your business.

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