Many companies look for services of fiscal and business address – if not both, at least for one of them. The Virtual ADDRESS plan of A&F Virtual Office offers two types of address, becoming an excellent option for organizations.

Differentials of the Virtual ADDRESS Plan

To choose this plan you will have the right to:

  • Mail management
  • Fiscal Address in Atibaia
  • Business Address in Atibaia
  • Meeting, audio and video conference rooms with diverse values for associated (pay per use/prepaid)
  • Administrative help services through our Business Center (pay per use)
  • Access to cyber coffee

Advantages to have a Business and Fiscal Address

This plan unifies the fiscal and business address in only one place. Each time you receive a correspondence at our Headquarters, you receive a note. Also it is possible to choose another address, to receive the letters in a selected address our pick-u directly at A&F Virtual Office. 

We offer a business address in a reputed region and a safety fiscal address, further of all mailing management of your company.

Other benefit that we offer to our customers is the possibility to use – at diverse values – other resources of our structure, as meeting, audio and videoconference rooms.

So, we provide the convenience and tranquility of our customers, which could dedicate calmly to their professional activities, focusing directly the new opportunities of their business.

Business address x fiscal address: what is the difference?

 There are differences in the fiscal and business address services. Some persons could confound the purpose of each of them, so, in order that you comprehend better, the fiscal address has as objective the register at the public departments. It is important for the existence of any company.

Now the business address is used to receive any kind of mail to the company.

The Virtual ADDRESS plan offers safety in both senses. If you need a business and fiscal address in Atibaia, come to know the plan and our place, with more details! Make an appointment and come to drink a coffee with us.

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