How to have a virtual office in Atibaia that includes all essential services for your company? The FULL plan of A&F Virtual Office meets all services with diversified values among other benefits.

Further to have all services which offer a virtual office, you have special discounts to use our meeting, audio and video conference  rooms, further to receive discounts also in the administrative support services offered by the Business Center. 

Differentials of the FULL plan

Further to have all foreseen services which we mentioned on the virtual office, our environment offers a complete structure for you to fulfill your work at the best way possible.

Our rooms are totally equipped with modern resources with furniture and equipment of quality, giving the impression of a pleasant, confortable and functional place.

In the breaks between one task and or between one meeting and other, our cyber coffee shows an excellent place to make networking and turn confortable to their customers before the beginning of a meeting.

The FULL plan includes:

  • Bilingual receptionist with personalized attention
  • Immediate notice of all messages through e-mail
  • Mailing administration
  • EXCLUSIVE number for your company
  • Redirection of calls to your number (charged)
  • Answer machine, with access 24 hours
  • Local fax number
  • Meeting, audio and video conference rooms with di versified values for associated (pay per use/prepaid)
  • Fiscal address in Atibaia
  • Commercial address in Atibaia
  • Administrative Support Service through our Business Center (pay per use)
  • Access to cyber coffee


Taking until account all services that the FULL plan offers further of the structure question, this plan gives to your company the cost reduction that you need. This could turn viable other important investments for your business.

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