A&F also offers a training room in Atibaia


Ever wondered if that course, training or presentation could be performed in a specially thought out environment? Well, renting a training room in Atibaia, at A&F, means more comfort, technology and functionality. After all, if empowerment is a business-critical practice, the environment in which it occurs can completely change the participants’ experience, even in the sense of appreciation. At your next event, consider infrastructure, comfort, safety, convenience and location.


Guarantee of credibility

Professionals who need to hold presentations or companies that do not have their own training space, find in the training rooms a complete, professional and welcoming environment for face-to-face or remote meetings. All the technological and infrastructure mechanism ready for use, starting with the reception, which counts on a professional service team. Perfect to ensure professionalism and a good first impression. For those looking for training rooms in Atibaia, you will find in A&F’s room an air-conditioned environment with private bathroom, in addition to the following features:

– Capacity for 12 people in the school or “U” format; 20 people in auditorium format

– Projector

– Projection screen

– Note Board

– Blinds with sun screen 5%


The absence of bureaucracy is another great advantage of training rooms, since there is no need to link to plans. Just plan and book. Schedule your visit to the A&F training room and add value to your next event.


Advantages of training rooms in Atibaia

A&F offers the best cost-benefit of the region for renting training rooms in Atibaia, with space for up to 20 people. Our flexibility and differentiated infrastructure contribute to the efficiency of the capitation and achievement of the final objectives, whether it be of workshops, training or presentations. Contact us to learn more.

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